Rethink Mental Illness’ pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

Rethink Mental Illness is committed to helping deliver a culture shift, across society and within our health services, so that the physical and mental health needs of an individual are seen as equally important.

“We will do this by empowering people who use our services to be leaders in their own care and ensuring that our workforce takes a whole, person centred approach to an individual’s health. We will also continue to champion equal health at a national policy level, with the voices of those with lived experience at the centre of our influencing work.”

Pledged on the 5 September 2018 

Mark Winstanley, CEO of Rethink Mental Illness said: “For too long we have neglected the physical health needs of people living with mental illness. Resulting tragically in lives cut short. It is time to act and end this outdated health inequality.”