Public Health England pledge to the Equally Well charter

PHE is committed to reducing the stark health inequalities facing people with severe and enduring mental illness. Our ambition is that everyone with a mental health problem achieves parity of health outcomes with the wider population particularly reaching the same life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Realising this change is especially important for those facing the greatest barriers and who have to overcome the most disadvantages. PHE’s work in this area is focused on high impact areas where concerted action can make the most difference. This includes fulfilling our commitments from the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. We work collaboratively across the system to promote and support national and local action to reduce health inequalities, reduce risk factors for physical health problems, and promote recovery and inclusion for people with mental illness.

Pledged on September 2018

Lily Makurah, National Lead for Public Mental Health said: “Everyone should have the same opportunity to lead a healthy long life, no matter who they are, what their circumstances, or where they live in England. Public Health England is committed to, and continues to support system wide action to reduce health and social inequalities and promote recovery and inclusion for people living with or recovering from mental illness so they are enabled to live well for longer in their local community.