The British Dietetic Association pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

The BDA is committed to educating all our members about the importance of inclusion for those with a  diagnosis of mental illness. The BDA is committed to providing support to dietitians and other healthcare professionals in recognising  the important role good nutrition and hydration can play as a foundation to good physical health for all.

Pledged in September 2019

Alison Jowett, Chair of our Mental Health Specialist Group said:

“We are delighted to sign up to the Equally Well UK Charter, affirming our commitment to ensure good physical health for those with a diagnosis of mental health illness. We know that people with a diagnosis mental health illness are more likely to have poor diets, for a variety of complex reasons. Some mental health conditions are directly linked to diet and nutrition, such as eating disorders, whilst for others, medications or symptoms of their illness may contribute to poor nutritional health. Dietitians have an important role in offering people tailored support to help them be both mentally and physically well. We recognise the need for all dietitians, not just those specialising in mental health, to understand these links and to ensure they are inclusive and unbiased in their treatment of all patients”