Arthritis Action pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

Arthritis Action focuses on the mental and physical aspects of living with arthritis. Research commissioned by Arthritis Action in 2018, involving over 2,000 people with arthritis in the UK, found that nearly half (49% ) reported that their pain often or always makes them feel down or depressed. Around half of those who reported poor mental health also indicated a high anxiety score (between 7 and 10), illustrating the link between mental health and anxiety.

This well-documented link between long-term pain and mental illness makes the Equally Well UK Charter’s pledge such a priority. Our work focuses on reaching more people with arthritis to educate them about self-management, and support their mental wellbeing.

*Arthritis: The Impact on Daily Life (2018) YouGov & Arthritis Action –

Pledged in September 2019