Project Description

Health Education England has published an interim Physical Health Competency Framework for Mental Health and Learning Disability Settings.

This framework incorporates elements of the knowledge and skills needed for registered clinical staff working in mental healthcare and/or learning disability settings to be able to meet the physical health needs of service users with serious mental illness and/or service users with a learning disability.

HEE continues to evaluate the framework and will publish the final version later this year, however, it is particularly relevant in light of COVID-19 implications to make this resource accessible now.  This framework:

•         Does not supersede previous policies or protocols; enhances existing procedures.

•         Can be used to aid recruiting or in a team discussion to improve awareness and training.

•         Designed to be accessed and used by all in a mental health capacity.


Click on the link to the left of the page to view the framework or click here to view HEE’s website.