A guide for people with severe mental illness and their carers on what to expect from the Covid-19 vaccination programme2021-02-19T15:28:48+00:00

Project Description

If you’re an adult living with a severe mental illness in England, you should now be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination.

This brief resource offers key information for people with severe mental illness and carers on:

  • The vaccine roll-out programme
  • Who is eligible to receive it
  • What to expect on the day of your vaccine
  • Reasonable adjustments you can ask for
  • After the vaccine
  •  Signposting to further information

Additional information included in the resource: 

The NHS has produced guides in a range of languages; you can find them here.

To find out more about the vaccination please visit the NHS website by clicking here.

Rethink Mental Illness has a Covid-19 Vaccination page which can be viewed here, as well as a briefing summarising the findings from their Covid-19 vaccination survey for people with severe mental illness and their carers here.

You can download the resource by clicking here.

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