Sheffield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

In Sheffield, key stakeholders are working together (through the Physical Health Implementation Group – PHIG) to look creatively at how we can support people living with severe mental illness, learning disabilities, and autistic spectrum condition to have the best possible physical health.  Our partnership includes NHS organisations, the local authority, and local community sector organisations.

These are three very different groups of people, but they share challenges in terms of physical health and disparity in health outcomes which are partly due to physical health needs being overlooked. For too many people this means living for many years with a long-term physical health condition and with reduced quality of life, as well as on average a dramatically reduced life expectancy.

Our vision for Sheffield is that people living with severe mental illness, learning disabilities and autistic spectrum condition will live longer and healthier lives, because of improvements in their physical health and reduction (or early identification) of avoidable physical illness.

Our (working) strategy (2019-2022) outlines our shared commitments (and the high level action plan that underpins it) that will help the city to achieve these outcomes.  These will be enacted through organisations and decision making bodies in the city identifying and embedding opportunities for improving the physical health of people living with these conditions, in their decisions, activities, strategies, and policies. Engagement has been an important part of progressing the priority actions and refining the cross organisational strategy and the PHIG will continue to engage with people with lived experience, their families and stakeholder/advocacy organisations.

Sheffield NHS CCG takes a lead role in driving and supporting this work, chairing the PHIG and providing project management support to the implementation of the Strategy.  SCCG also takes a lead role in a number of key tasks within the strategy, including by increasing the number of people accessing Annual Physical Health Checks (with follow up interventions where needed); ensuring that people with lived experience are involved in developing physical health improvement priorities and activity; embedding physical health for people living with these conditions in key citywide health and wellbeing strategies, initiatives and commissioning activity.

Pledged in July 2020