Mind pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

At Mind, we’re working to ensure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. But right now, many of us who have mental health problems are being failed by a system that often overlooks our physical health problems. The result is that many people with mental health problems die younger from preventable physical health problems. We’re aiming to address this through our campaigning and influencing work, to ensure that GPs and other health professionals prioritise the physical health of people with mental health problems. We’re engaging with people with experience of both mental and physical health problems, to understand the challenges they face, and working with mental health services, commissioners and other key stakeholders to address these issues and champion holistic healthcare.

Pledged September 2018

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, said: “Mind is proud to be a part of Equally Well – a crucial initiative that we hope will make a huge difference to the experiences of people with mental health problems. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work as part of this collaborative to address the shocking mortality gap for people with mental health problems, and to amplify the voices of those of us who too often go unheard.”