Mental Health Together pledge to Equally Well UK

Mental Health Together is the engagement service in Derbyshire for people living with a mental health condition and those who care for them.  We are funded by Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Derbyshire County Council to ensure that the voices of experts with lived experience feed into decision making about mental health services and social care.

We are currently undertaking a special project exploring the barriers to physical wellbeing for people living with a severe mental illness. At the heart of this project is a survey seeking to understand how people feel about their physical health and what barriers they experience in trying to stay physically as well as mentally well.  We have a worker dedicated to this project to ensure that as many people with severe mental illness as possible have a chance to express their views and experience.

We pledge to continue putting people with severe mental illness at the heart of this project in Derbyshire, to explore the issues presented to us thoroughly and to present the voices of experience in ways which can positively influence future service provision.  With the permission of our funders (Health Education England) we will share our findings with Equally Well UK at the relevant time.

Pledged in December 2019