Health Education England pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

Health Education England remains committed to ensuring that the workforce is trained to meet both the mental and physical health needs of our patients. “Stepping Forward to 2020/21” committed us to expanding the mental health workforce to meet the increased needs of people with mental health issues. As part of this we remain committed to ensuring this workforce can care for both physical and mental health needs of patients.

The dual focus on mental and physical health from Equally Well represents a new way of working and at Health Education England we have set up a new workstream specifically focused on new roles and new ways of working – the inclusion of mental and physical health together will be a key focus as we move into the future.

Pledged on September 2018

Lisa Bayliss-Pratt said: “My desire is that we move to a place where we care for the person rather than the illness and needs are met by one service. I’m therefore delighted to support Equally Well UKs ambitious charter”