Centre for Mental Health pledge to the Equally Well Charter:

Centre for Mental Health will support and promote Equally Well UK as a collaborative to bring about a sustained and significant improvement in the physical health support offered to people with mental health conditions. By providing the secretariat to Equally Well UK, we will bring our expertise and our commitment to equality to this vital area of work and give it the best possible chance of making a major impact on people’s lives.

Pledged in July 2018

Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive said: “For too long, inequalities in physical health for people with mental health conditions have been ignored or taken for granted. We want this to change. No one should have their physical health ignored or dismissed just because they have a mental illness. And no one should face a dramatically reduced life expectancy for lack of attention to their physical health. We are supporting and promoting Equally Well UK to help to bring about sustained and significant change across the country in addressing this shocking health inequality.”