Process for selecting a Chairperson

Equally Well UK is looking to appoint members and an independent Chairperson for our Oversight Group which will meet once or twice a year to help us agree an overall strategic direction and focus our resources in the most effective ways possible. We’re looking for members who can work with us to support and enable Equally Well to maximise its impact and bring a diverse range of perspectives to the group.

To apply to be a member of the group or the Chair, please send an expression of interest to the Project Manager Emma Bailey or to find out more.

Oversight group

This is the process for selecting a Chairperson for the Equally Well UK oversight group.

The application process should request a letter expressing an interest in being a member of the Oversight group, and/or chairing it.

  1. All letters expressing interest, should be sent to Emma Bailey
  2. Letters should describe why they are interested in this post, what they think that they can bring to the role, and their relevant past experience

Once shortlisted we will set up an informal interview. Please see the job description for more information.

[Job description]

Deadline 31 October 2019