Throughout the webinar, we kept coming back to how if we are successful with Equally Well, it will cease to exist. It will be surplus to requirement, job done. Target achieved.

I made the point, during the webinar, that the problem we’re addressing is simple. We’re humans. We’ve got organs. We get poorly. We’ve worked hard to break down mental illness as just the brain behaving a bit badly – now we need to say ‘you can suffer more than one affliction at the same time’.

Shock horror! You can have a cough and a cold.

You can have high cholesterol and cancer. You can have schizophrenia and heart disease. You deserve to have correct treatment, in a timely manner, for both problems. You can have 3, 4, 5, conditions! Just because one is your brain feeling iffy – it doesn’t mean that’s why the others exist.

At school we support our children in any subject. They don’t choose extra help in spelling or maths, we educate them holistically. So, we need to treat medical conditions – no matter which organ is involved – on an equal standing.

Health is feeling well. No matter what, or how, we do that.

Please can we just remember we’re all human.

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